Manchester Shepherd's Center
  Serving   Involving    
adults over 55 in the North Manchester community.


Our Mission in the Manchester community

 (adapted from the manual of the Shepherd's Centers of America)

  • To sustain older people whether they want to live in their own homes and apartments or in retirement communities.
  • To provide retired persons opportunity to use their experience, training, and skills in significant volunteering.
  • To improve life satisfaction in one's later years through self-realization, lifelong learning, and discover of inner resources.
  • To demonstrate life at its best in later maturity so as to provide attractive role models for successful aging.
  • To advocate the right of older people to a fair share of society's goods and to assist them in gaining access to services they need.

To contact us, send us mail at PO Box 243 , North Manchester, IN 46962

Consult the Community Calendar in the North Manchester News-Journal for current activities.

Check the schedule at this web site for program schedules.

Our local programs

  • Current Events - a weekly presentation of current and historic events with audience participation.
  • Adventures in Learning - programs of general and community interest designed to stimulate and broaden interests and to entertain and enhance quality of life.
  • Book Discussions - periodic studies of books usually led by a Manchester University professor
  • Travel - overnight or day tours tailored to interests of Shepherd's Center members.
  • Adopt-a-highway - Members volunteer to pick up litter on a two mile stretch of roads near North Manchester.
  • Services - information dealing with items such as Medicare, insurance, and tax preparation.
  • Medtalk - monthly sessions with a variety of medical specialists designed to provide information and encourage healthful living.
  • Blood pressure check - a weekly opportunity to have blood pressure checked by trained personnel.
  • Stretch and flex - a twice-a-week program to promote healthful exercise